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Our high-quality child development center is state-licensed and ready to give your child a jumpstart on their education! JumpStart specializes in an well-trained staff,  USDA-certified hot meals, and a cheerful, nurturing learning environment.  We adhere to the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness, teaching, and loving care.



Enrollment and Eligibility

JumpStart accepts children aged six weeks to twelve years, eleven months.

​Full-time care is based on a 10 hour per day, 5 day per week schedule, totaling 50 hours. Any additional hours require an extended care fee.


​Children will achieve their long range goals by completing many small steps taken almost playfully. Thus, the children are allowed to progress at their own pace and rhythm according to their capabilities, learning rates, Styles and personalities which will inspire them to learn with confidence. We focus on the success of the individual rather on what the child doesn't know.

Children are inquisitive explorers and ready learners. JumpStart incorporates the Creative Curriculum, which challenges and nourishes the children's changing interests as they grow. This is a theme based curriculum set up on a weekly basis. We focus on:

  • Sensory awareness

  • Creative and expressive arts

  • Dramatic play

  • Block building

  • Fine and gross motor manipulation

  • Language and reading skills

  • Outdoor play

  • Music and movement

  • Science

  • Discovery learning


Every activity is designed to give children a sense of ownership as they learn and play and to expose them to a variety of cultures. The program encourages creativity and imagination through the use of various materials and mediums. Each age group has very different needs, and all of our teachers are experienced in handling these needs.


We welcome families of all faiths, ethnic origins, and races, but our definition of diversity is not limited to these areas. We believe that diversity also encompasses differences in physical, cognitive, and social abilities. We strive to create a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that not only reflects each child's unique abilities but also incorporates their

home culture and experiences, too. One of the most important things we can do to teach our children about diversity and respecting the people around them is model the behavior we want to see. Be sure to treat all people with kindness and respect.

 While it is impossible to list all the things we do from day to day to encourage acceptance, listed below are some of the ways we incorporate diversity into our curriculum at JumpStart:

  • During enrollment, we encourage families to share their home traditions with us.

  • We collaborate with Child Care Network and the State of Virginia to ensure that families who can receive tuition assistance can participate in a high-quality service.

  • We encourage families and members of our community to share any new ideas or information that can potentially enhance the great service we already offer.

  • Our teachers incorporate props and materials that reflect diversity in
    the aforementioned areas into the different learning environments in their classrooms

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